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Customized.  Creative.  Collaborative.

The success of your strategy depends on your team’s ability to internalize it, prioritize it, and implement it. To make that happen, you need to synthesize an enormous amount of information, create a plan, and strategically allocate your resources. You must confidently communicate your ideas and engage your workforce around the goal. Most importantly, you need to attract, select, and retain the best talent to execute your vision.

HumanPoint gives you and your team the tools you need to achieve this by driving performance in the human side of the business – resulting in high-quality leaders and teams that accomplish more together, better. We believe the power of your cohesive, motivated team is your greatest asset, and we can teach you how to unlock the true potential of your people.

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Some Words From Our Happy Clients

“Amy was a key executive coach and team development partner for me and my marketing team at UC4. She helped design and run a marketing offsite meeting that turned out to be exceptional. The team formed and stormed which was critical for a new globally dispersed group. As follow-on to that she helped consult and develop with my key Directors and VPs. Most importantly, she advised me without advising me. That’s what sets Amy and HumanPoint apart–the ability to customize the right program for individuals in a practical (and actionable) context of our day-to-day work.

The more that we worked with Amy, the more we wanted to work with her. She helped us forge relationships across a diverse group, focus on our key initiatives, and set the vision for the year. Her engaging facilitation drew my team in, got everyone to share their knowledge, and energized us to drive towards executing our goals. If you’re looking for an outside-the-box experience and results to match, HumanPoint delivers.”

Randy Clark, CMO
“Amy, you are first class…a true pro! Truly a pleasure being able to work with you. Thanks for your service, support and advocacy for Jubilee reach… and excellence in all you do!”
Brent Christie, Executive Director, Jubilee Reach Center
“Amy’s executive coaching allowed me to jumpstart the process and develop a strategic plan for my transition from VP to President / CEO of my company. As Amy and I got to know each other, I came to fully appreciate her value as a coach. I was impressed with her diligence and ability to compile and digest complex info quickly. She’s a catalyst, an accelerator; she makes things happen.

Amy is also great at improving people’s presentation skills, which she did for me and other key GLY employees.”

Jim Karambelas, CEO, GLY Construction
“Through group training and one-on-one coaching, Amy improved the way we led the company. She helped us assess potential employees and evaluate existing ones. She gave us monthly management measures that helped us look at workload and slow and employee effectiveness. I can’t say enough about her contribution to our success.”
Rafael Velasquez, VP US operations, Sicma Aero Seat
“Amy is an exceptional person and coach. She forces you to think about yourself, how you work and then how you can help the overall organization strategically. She worked with me to develop tracking tools that help keep me organized with visibility on all of the important information. She also had me think about how I use my time. Am I being efficient? She then encouraged met o look at where I could allow someone else to help with minor tasks. She had set goals using a 100-day plan and as a result I am far more efficient in my role.”
Dale King, Vice President, GLY Construction
“I first came to know Amy when I worked at the Redmond Police Department. She introduced me to data-drive decision-making, getting beyond hunches or impressions from a prospective employee interview. In my current position, we recently avoided difficult situation with a potential hire through listening to Amy’s concern with the profile. The candidate had done so well in the interview that the top executive involved wanted to hire her immediately. Amy pointed to her low match for the job and advised further consideration. By the time we conducted additional interviews, it was clear this person was unsuitable for the job.”
Ed Billington, Area Vice President, Securitas
“We’re a growing company and need top performers in every position. To get there, we needed a better understanding of how people function so that we could hire people who had the right mix of aptitude and attitude to provide excellent service, every time. Training can’t turn the wrong person for the job into the right one. Amy gave us the assessment tools and more importantly taught us how to use them strategically, purposefully.”
Tony Cheng, CEO, Netstar Communications, INC.
“I used Amy to help me prepare for the most important presentation of my 30-year career. It was an opportunity for me to show my company that I was CFO material based on what the accounting and finance departments had accomplished and the challenges they had overcome. Amy helped me organize my talk better, suggested ways to open and close it, and made everything more relevant and powerful, less technical. My audience was really involved; they could relate to what I was saying. I was the only speaker of the day to actually get applause. My boss old me “you knocked their socks off. You made me look good in front of my boss. Thank you.”
Mary Cabrian, CFO
“Amy worked with our team with presentation prep when we are in competition to win a project. She gets us organize around our goal and helps us craft our message by helping everyone find what the buyer wants from us. She draws out the point of topic and helps us sounds articulate and to the point. It is very helpful for our technical teams to have an objective point of view. She is very good at calming and preparing people to speak in front of a group.”
Vice President, Anonymous