Presentation Tips-Limitless

I believe we are limitless.  I believe we can achieve amazing things, as long as we are willing to put in the work, learn what we need to know, and be who we need to become.

Powerful presentations require a process for preparation, and practice.   A great timeline for preparing a powerful presentation is around 10 days.  Every great speaker I have ever worked with has a process they follow, although they are all slightly different.

First, realizing that there are no shortcuts to creating and delivering a great talk, and second taking the time to plan the development as you would a project, will create more impactful delivery outcomes.  Clients are always amazed how less stressed they are when they take this approach.

Developing a process for preparation, outlining the process, and approaching your presentation development like a project, will reduce your stress in speaking.  Allowing time to practice delivery, with video feedback, will make your delivery more impactful.

Now, take a few moments to design a draft outline of the process you will follow the next time you present.  Here is a sample to help you get started.



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