Walk Confidently

Walk-Confident-620x480The eyes are useless when the mind is blind.

Fear blinds people. Fear causes people not to see opportunities directly in front of them. Fear causes people to stop in their tracks. Fear causes people to not work on what they know is important.

If we don’t truly believe we can do something, we won’t walk confidently in the direction of achievement. If we don’t think something is possible to solve, we won’t see solutions.

Capacity is a state of mind. When we are pushed and tested, we surprise ourselves with our capabilities to pull off great achievements in spite of tremendous challenges. It is in the struggle we really learn who we are, and how important people in our lives are.

As you close out the year, I hope you leave all things in the past that are no longer serving you, and walk into 2015 with confidence and positive expectation.

Tear down the self-limiting paper walls you have built. Step out and do something big this year. Push yourself beyond your self-perceived capabilities.

And encourage others to do the same.

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