Audit Your Old Attitudes, so You Can Achieve Higher Altitudes

Terranea ResortAs humans, we are constantly evolving, hopefully. However, there are exceptions, of course.   We all have that family member or co-worker who appears to suffer from arrested development. As we focus on learning and evolving, our awareness will cause us to take the necessary steps throughout our life to get better, over time. It will cause us to pick up a book, try new projects, join new circles. Our greatest enemy to our progress in life, are our old attitudes. Old attitudes can keep us stuck in the past, believing old ideas and beliefs about ourselves, and what is or isn’t possible. These old attitudes will cause us to stall or to procrastinate on working on things that will help us achieve higher results.

Old attitudes can be defined as habits, beliefs, thoughts, and ideas about what we are capable of doing, who we are, what we believe to be true and possible. People have the greatest influence over forming our attitudes. Some attitudes we pick up just from spending time with people. Others, we have developed through hard work and effort. Some we have carried with us from childhood. Old attitudes could have been effective in past times in our life, yet today, there are no longer current, and are therefore hindering our ability to achieve today.

Trying to achieve new levels in life, without examining old attitudes, can be compared to driving across the country using old maps. Recently, Tesla announced that they are remapping the entire Earth, because the maps that exist currently work fine for cars with drivers, but won’t cut it for self-driving cars. The attitudes you had in the past worked fine for the past, but won’t cut it in your future. In fact, they will hinder your future evolving into anything better than your present life, unless you perform an audit, followed by an upgrade.

Are you carrying around any old attitudes that are no longer benefiting you, or helping you thrive today? If so, it is time to form new attitudes to override the old.

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