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Amy McKenna is the founder and CEO of HumanPoint. She founded HumanPoint in 2007 with a vision of helping each person and organization achieve their highest potential. With over a decade of experience as an executive coach and leading her own executive coaching firm, she is a sought-after advisor to leaders of prominent organizations as they work to navigate culture, leadership, and organizational change initiatives.

Amy believes there is no maximum to human potential and uses her life to create positive outcomes for her clients and non-profits she supports. She is passionate about helping children in disadvantaged situations receive access to education and mentoring opportunities. She serves on the Board of Directors for Jubilee Reach, a Bellevue, Washington based non-profit focused on helping students through sports programs and clubs, before and after school programs, tutoring, and support. In addition, she serves as Vice Chair for Washington State Leadership Board, which works to expand opportunities for youth, uniformed services members, veterans, military families, and people with disabilities. The Leadership Board also provide the state with a means of awarding its highest distinction to individuals for outstanding service to the state. She has also been a member of Bellevue Rotary since 2009, where she has served in various roles and capacities.

In 2019, Amy was selected for the Compassion 2020 Delegation, as a promoter of compassionate leadership. She traveled to Dharmasala, India with educational and community leaders from Washington State, including Lt. Governor Cyrus Habib, where they had a private meeting with the Dalai Lama at his residence to discuss compassion and promoting a culture of compassion and helping others.

Amy is a subject matter expert on the human side of business. She believes that while companies can perform in the short term without focusing on their people development, there comes a time when that performance will be hindered by the inability to develop leaders to further scale the business. Because of this, she emphasizes the need to create a healthy organizational culture and sustainable development practices. Amy deeply believes in the importance of this work from both a strategic and a personal perspective, summarizing her personal mission statement as:

I believe in people. I believe we all have more potential than we utilize. I believe that people matter. I try to use my life to help people achieve their highest level of performance, happiness, and wellbeing. By helping people level up, their communities and organizations achieve higher levels of success.

Amy brings a high level of expertise to each new project she takes on. Working with leaders in technology, construction, biotech, retail, hospitality, law, and engineering, she has a proven track record of superior results and satisfied clients. Together with her team of highly qualified coaches and consultants, she designs and delivers unique coaching programs that facilitate culture change and empower leaders across companies and industries.

Amy lives in Seattle with her husband Rob, with whom she co-parents three lovable dogs. An introvert at heart, she describes her perfect morning as one involving a leisurely cup of coffee and no alarm clock.


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