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Leading with a Pure Heart

Five months ago, I traveled to Dharmsala India with a Delegation from Washington State, Compassion 2020 Delegation, to have a private meeting with the Dalai Lama. I have always admired and respected the Dalai Lama because he promotes human values such as compassion, forgiveness, and empathy.  He happens to be a Buddhist monk, but the values he promotes and lives are independent of any religion; they are simply human. As we were sitting in his reception area waiting for him to arrive and anticipating what our meeting would be like, I felt nervous and anxious. Yet the [...]

Empathy & Resilience

In difficult times, we remember the people who were kind to us. It strengthens our resilience when people treat us well, and it strengthens our resilience when we treat others with care and compassion.  Just as this applies to our interactions with others, it also applies to our interactions with ourselves.  Now is the time to be kind to people, to give them space, not to pressure or micromanage. People are tired, stressed, and scared. It is time to show compassion, to focus on strengthening resilience, and to practice self-care so you remain resilient.  I have had many conversations with leaders over the past few weeks. They have shared [...]

Do Something Each Day That Feeds Your Soul

As humans, we like to believe that life remains constant but in reality, the only constant is change. Sometimes change occurs very slowly, as we see in evolutionary biology. At other times, our world seems to shift all at once, as if saying, “Hello, welcome to your new life!In January, my team at HumanPoint and I set out to write a strategic plan with three areas of focus: growth, growth, and more growth! HumanPoint is my executive coaching firm. We experienced record growth in 2019, so our initial 2020 strategy was to continue our growth focus. We staffed up, opened [...]

Are your Priorities in Focus?

As an executive coach, I have spent a significant portion of my career helping leaders prioritize upcoming work and get their teams ready for upcoming years. Through this, I have learned that across positions and industries, we all face the same challenge: not having enough time. There is always more work to be done than time to do it. And what's more, unexpected tasks or challenges can take up the time we thought we had. What's a leader (who wants to accomplish everything!) to do with so many competing priorities? Enter: strategic planning. A great [...]

4 Steps for Keeping Strategic Plans Alive

I often go into companies that are so busy with day-to-day operations that the strategic goals they set out at the beginning of the year are ignored.   Don’t get me wrong; these companies are having some success and things are going along well, but what if more attention had been paid to those nicely laid out plans? Would they have achieved that extra 10% top or bottom line? Would they have added that crucial market sector they have been after for years? The reality is, it’s doubtful. Let’s consider why. It was Eisenhower who said, [...]

Strategic Planning: Setting Up for Success

When it comes to strategic planning, clients have plenty of questions. People ask me all the time: Who should we include in strategic planning? Should we only include the executive team? Or How can we incorporate feedback from a wider audience without having 100 people in the room during planning? What these questions really boil down to is: How do we set ourselves up for success with strategic planning? Since strategic planning is an involved process, requiring key leaders’ time and energy, it’s essential to set it up well. I like to think of setting [...]

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