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Leadership Support: 17 Tips for Challenging Times

Most of us are overwhelmed right now. There’s a lot to consider, to plan for, and to address. I put together this list of leadership strategies based on what I see happening with my clients to offer you some support. Don’t expect to do them all at once. Pick a couple and try to use them for a few days and see if they help. If they’re working, add in a couple more. We can do this! First, take care of yourself. Make sure you are doing all that helps you to maintain balance, including [...]

Coaching Coffee Break | 5.15.20 | Amy & Lisa

Coaching Coffee Break Are there really gender differences in communication? How does communicating in a 100% virtual world impact communication? Most of us want to make the most out of our interactions, accommodating for and embracing differences in communication styles and preferences. Today, I take an iced tea break with  Lisa Fain, Executive Coach and Author of  Bridging Differences for Better Mentoring: Lean Forward, Learn, Leverage. Lisa and I talk about gender differences in communication and how working virtually may influence these differences.  Reflecting on the difference between gender archetypes and gender stereotypes, [...]

Coaching Coffee Break | 5.5.20 | Amy & Mary

Coaching Coffee Break Did your business growth plans explode on March 1st? Are you are feeling lost or disoriented about the plans that you launched pre-Covid? These feelings are understandable.  You spent months as a team researching, discussing, and drafting your plan. You communicated your vision to your organization.  You prioritized and assigned your strategies, and were in full stride when the world shifted. To survive the coming months, leaders must operate in both defensive and offensive modes.  Operating fully in defensive mode means only handling the daily crisis as it comes and not focusing [...]

Leading with a Pure Heart

Five months ago, I traveled to Dharmsala India with a Delegation from Washington State, Compassion 2020 Delegation, to have a private meeting with the Dalai Lama. I have always admired and respected the Dalai Lama because he promotes human values such as compassion, forgiveness, and empathy.  He happens to be a Buddhist monk, but the values he promotes and lives are independent of any religion; they are simply human. As we were sitting in his reception area waiting for him to arrive and anticipating what our meeting would be like, I felt nervous and anxious. Yet the [...]

Empathy & Resilience

In difficult times, we remember the people who were kind to us. It strengthens our resilience when people treat us well, and it strengthens our resilience when we treat others with care and compassion.  Just as this applies to our interactions with others, it also applies to our interactions with ourselves.  Now is the time to be kind to people, to give them space, not to pressure or micromanage. People are tired, stressed, and scared. It is time to show compassion, to focus on strengthening resilience, and to practice self-care so you remain resilient.  I have had many conversations with leaders over the past few weeks. They have shared [...]

Do Something Each Day That Feeds Your Soul

As humans, we like to believe that life remains constant but in reality, the only constant is change. Sometimes change occurs very slowly, as we see in evolutionary biology. At other times, our world seems to shift all at once, as if saying, “Hello, welcome to your new life!In January, my team at HumanPoint and I set out to write a strategic plan with three areas of focus: growth, growth, and more growth! HumanPoint is my executive coaching firm. We experienced record growth in 2019, so our initial 2020 strategy was to continue our growth focus. We staffed up, opened [...]

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