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“I first came to know Amy when I worked at the Redmond Police Department. She introduced me to data-drive decision-making, getting beyond hunches or impressions from a prospective employee interview. In my current position, we recently avoided difficult situation with a potential hire through listening to Amy’s concern with the profile. The candidate had done so well in the interview that the top executive involved wanted to hire her immediately. Amy pointed to her low match for the job and advised further consideration. By the time we conducted additional interviews, it was clear this person was unsuitable for the job.”

Ed Billington, Area Vice President, Securitas

“We’re a growing company and need top performers in every position. To get there, we needed a better understanding of how people function so that we could hire people who had the right mix of aptitude and attitude to provide excellent service, every time. Training can’t turn the wrong person for the job into the right one. Amy gave us the assessment tools and more importantly taught us how to use them strategically, purposefully.”

Tony Cheng, CEO, Netstar Communications, INC.

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