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Employee Surveys

Stop wondering and start knowing what your employees think & feel.

Employee Surveys

Gathering employee feedback is one of the most critical actions a company can take to earn trust with employees, but if the information is not analyzed and used to create change, it can backfire.

HumanPoint offers Executives and HR Teams a customized approach to employee surveys.   We work closely with the leadership team to understand your company, then develop relevant questions to help you gain critical insight.

Using the latest online technology, we work collaboratively with your Human Resources team to deploy the survey and gather the results. Our clients tell us that they get higher participation and more honest feedback by using an outside company.

Are your employees spread across the country, or across the world? We can work to develop regional benchmarks and compare regions to the company averages.  We can also slice and dice by department so you can see which teams are most engaged and where you may have issues with a leader.  The information gathered is delivered in a visual way, so you can see beyond the average scores.

Since we are a coaching company that does surveys, we will review your survey results with your senior team and provide performance tips.  Rest assured, we will never send you the reports and say, “Good luck?!”

At HumanPoint, we understand that people drive performance, so it is important to know what they think, where they feel empowered, and where they feel stuck. Employee surveys give you this insight, and HumanPoint helps you figure out action steps to take towards making things better.

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Using employee feedback and survey data, we want to help you build a company employees are proud to be a part of.

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