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Leadership Coaching

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Leadership Coaching

We are passionate about people. We understand what is takes for a leader to succeed in today’s fast-paced world. We build top performers. We create transformative learning experiences. We are your strategic partner.

All our coaching plans are customized to be relevant to your needs, and are designed to fight tight schedules while achieving the desired results.

HumanPoint coaches are experienced, with at least 15 years of relevant business & coaching experience. By matching experience & personality, leaders connect with their coach right away and leave each session feeling refreshed and refocused.

Areas of Expertise

“Amy was a key executive coach and team development partner for me and my marketing team at UC4. She helped design and run a marketing offsite meeting that turned out to be exceptional. The team formed and stormed which was critical for a new globally dispersed group. As follow-on to that she helped consult and develop with my key Directors and VPs. Most importantly, she advised me without advising me. That’s what sets Amy and HumanPoint apart–the ability to customize the right program for individuals in a practical (and actionable) context of our day-to-day work.

The more that we worked with Amy, the more we wanted to work with her. She helped us forge relationships across a diverse group, focus on our key initiatives, and set the vision for the year. Her engaging facilitation drew my team in, got everyone to share their knowledge, and energized us to drive towards executing our goals. If you’re looking for an outside-the-box experience and results to match, HumanPoint delivers.”

Randy Clark, CMO

“Amy’s executive coaching allowed me to jumpstart the process and develop a strategic plan for my transition from VP to President / CEO of my company. As Amy and I got to know each other, I came to fully appreciate her value as a coach. I was impressed with her diligence and ability to compile and digest complex info quickly. She’s a catalyst, an accelerator; she makes things happen.

Amy is also great at improving people’s presentation skills, which she did for me and other key GLY employees.”

Jim Karambelas, CEO, GLY Construction

“Through group training and one-on-one coaching, Amy improved the way we led the company. She helped us assess potential employees and evaluate existing ones. She gave us monthly management measures that helped us look at workload and slow and employee effectiveness. I can’t say enough about her contribution to our success.”

Rafael Velasquez, VP US operations, Sicma Aero Seat

“Amy is an exceptional person and coach. She forces you to think about yourself, how you work and then how you can help the overall organization strategically. She worked with me to develop tracking tools that help keep me organized with visibility on all of the important information. She also had me think about how I use my time. Am I being efficient? She then encouraged met o look at where I could allow someone else to help with minor tasks. She had set goals using a 100-day plan and as a result I am far more efficient in my role.”

Dale King, Vice President, GLY Construction

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