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Presentation Coaching

From key client presentations to keynote speeches, we’re ready to help you crush it.

Presentation Coaching

Content & Application

Setting a Positive First Impression

  • Communicate confidence and competence from the start
  • Create a connection with your audience

Strengthening Your Message

  • Using body language to your advantage
  • Communicate confidence and poise
  • Sounding credible and interesting
  • Become more motivational through effective gestures and tone

Presenting Specialized Information

  • Making technical content come alive
  • Explaining a highly technical concept to a more general audience in a way they can understand
  • Using key messages to create presentation flow and interest for your audience

Speaking with Confidence

  • Learn to speak without notes so you can be present and focused on your audience
  • Greatly reduce stress of forgetting content because it is stored correctly in your brain
  • Go notes free and use your hands for gesturing to add visual interest and to strengthen your overall message
  • Minimize stress when preparing for an important presentation by following a process

Presenting Persuasively 

  • Effectively grab your audiences attention in the first 10 seconds
  • Deliver a compelling call to action
  • Convert your technical message to persuasive

Managing Q&A

  • Maintain confidence when being asked the tough questions
  • Learn how to convert a negative into a positive response
  • Continue to promote your key ideas with your answers to audience questions

Persuasive Presentation Skills for Technical Leaders

Our 1.5-day workshop held at our headquarters in Bellevue, WA is specifically designed to help leaders develop a process for presentation preparation so they can deliver highly complex information in an engaging way. By learning this process, leaders will experience a reduction in stress and anxiety associated with presentation opportunities, no matter the audience size.

Leaders who take our class walk away with a new and improved box of tools that will help equip them for future presentations.

Some topics covered in our course are:

  • How to structure a persuasive presentation, start to finish
  • Memorization and speaking without notes
  • Speaking in a clear and concise manner
  • Delivering a difficult message in a positive way
  • Tone, delivery, and body language
  • Persuading your audience to action
  • Reducing anxiety and fear
  • Effectively managing audience Q&A
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Key Presentation Prep

Whether it’s a sales pitch, project proposal, conference keynote, or a fundraising speech, we’re here to help you achieve your desired outcome!

Bring us in to help you brainstorm your approach and polish your delivery through rehearsal and video feedback.

“I used Amy to help me prepare for the most important presentation of my 30-year career. It was an opportunity for me to show my company that I was CFO material based on what the accounting and finance departments had accomplished and the challenges they had overcome. Amy helped me organize my talk better, suggested ways to open and close it, and made everything more relevant and powerful, less technical. My audience was really involved; they could relate to what I was saying. I was the only speaker of the day to actually get applause. My boss old me “you knocked their socks off. You made me look good in front of my boss. Thank you.”

Mary Cabrian, CFO

“Amy worked with our team with presentation prep when we are in competition to win a project. She gets us organize around our goal and helps us craft our message by helping everyone find what the buyer wants from us. She draws out the point of topic and helps us sounds articulate and to the point. It is very helpful for our technical teams to have an objective point of view. She is very good at calming and preparing people to speak in front of a group.”

Vice President, Anonymous

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