Changing Out Old Attitudes Through Affirmations

Our subconscious mind does not know the difference between reality, and virtual reality, or our imagination. When a bad thing happens to us one time, and we relive it 99 more times, our mind believes it happened to us 100 times. Our subconscious mind can work against us, or we can use it to work in our favor, to replace old attitudes.

Once we have identified our old attitudes, we need to work on changing them out. We can change out our old attitudes through affirmations. Affirmations can be written down, repeated in our mind, or out loud like a mantra. When we repeat them, over and over, our subconsicous mind is believing it is true and happening, and we can form a new attitude. I am not suggesting that if you repeat, “I am a heart surgeon,” 1000 times, I would ever let you cut my chest open. It is more about changing our internal beliefs and attitudes so we are programmed to go after what we truly want.

Here are some old affirmations I have used in life to overcome old attitudes that were no longer serving me.


I am confident and poised in all social situations.

I speak up and share my thoughts’ and ideas confidently and respectfully.

The best people and companies call me to work on their most important projects.


Affirmations tied to emotion words or feelings are powerful because it is causing us to feel it happening, before it does. Again, this tricks the subconscious mind to believe it is happening. Here are the same three affirmations with the emotions added.


I feel energized, confident, and poised in all social situations.

I am inspired to speak up and share my thoughts and ideas confidently and respectfully.

I am excited to receive calls weekly from the best people and companies, asking for help on their most important projects.


What are some areas in your life where affirmations can override old attitudes, and get you moving towards your next level? Write them down, say them daily, and watch the magic unfold.

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