Coaching Coffee Break

We are in an unprecedented circumstance. Usually, when something shifts or changes, we have a past experience to go by, to use as a model to take steps forward. The challenge we currently face is that we have nothing to compare this situation to. We don’t know what the future looks like, and it’s hard to find a north star. Despite not knowing the future, there are steps we can take to prepare us for various possible outcomes.

Grab a cup of coffee and join Executive Coaches, Amy McKenna and Mary Marshall to discuss how leading with strategic foresight is essential for navigating your organization through the fog and towards your new normal.

Hi, I’m Amy McKenna.

I founded HumanPoint in 2007 with the mission of empowering leaders and teams to reach their potential. Although my team and our offerings have expanded, my passion for coaching is as central to my work as it was 12 years ago. Here on our blog you’ll find the advice, expertise, and insight my team and I have gained from decades of work in the executive coaching and consulting field.

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