executive coach

Donna Carlson is a trainer and coach who brings her 30 years of business experience in high-tech, PR, hospitality management and non-profit communications to her practice. Her work on the John Maxwell Team as a speaker/trainer/coach and in a business development capacity with The Center for Creative Leadership has given her access to the brightest minds in the industry. She co-creates programs with clients that ignite their people to bring their best to the team, with emphasis on emotional intelligence in the workplace and values-based leadership.

Clients love Donna’s fun, collaborative approach with a singular focus on measurable outcomes. Her approach starts with identifying what’s working and what needs attention, then finding the root cause of thoughts, patterns and habits that need reinvention. Donna coaches individuals with the belief that strong teams are comprised of strong people operating at their best at work and in all of life. She works with clients to design strategies to bring their very best mental and physical energy to work.

Donna is certified to administer DISC, TTI Success Insights’ Driving Forces, EQ and CCL’s Benchmarks 360º assessments and has been a student of the Enneagram since 1997. She resides near Denver, CO, with her husband, three daughters and one very cute dog. Her family loves the Colorado outdoors – skiing, hiking, biking, backpacking. Together with her daughters, she feeds her soul creating Life Strategy Design retreats for women all over the world.


  • Inner leadership

  • Work/life integration

  • Strategies for mental/emotional agility

  • DISC, driving forces, and emotional intelligence assessments

  • Insights from the Enneagram

  • Boss basics for new managers

  • Motivational speaking

  • Creator of Life Strategy Design