How People Influence Our Attitude

Some people light up a room, when they leave. I want to be the opposite type of person. I want people to feel positive around me, excited to see me, happy to be with me

I believe that we can feel other people’s attitudes. We can sense if someone is positive, negative, caring, or cold. This can influence how we feel interacting with them. The way we can tell if someone has a positive influence over us and our attitude, is how we feel when we are around them, and afterwards.

There are people in my life who make me instantly happy. Just knowing I am going to see them makes me happy all day. I am happy when I am with them, and then I leave them feeling happy and joyful. Then, there are the others.

There are some people who I have to love at a distance. They are too energy draining to be around, and cause me to feel tired or bad after seeing them. I limit my exposure to these type of people. When I am around them, I try to protect myself, and stay positive. This is not always well received by the people who just want others to wallow with them in the muck. I have too many big goals and great things happening in my life to allow negative people to hold me back.

If you are not where you want to be yet, ask yourself, who are you spending the most time with, and are they helping or hindering your progress?


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