executive administrator

Kate Robertson assists CEO, Amy Hedin, in all scheduling and office management needs. Kate brings a high degree of organizational and research skills to her work. She enjoys learning new things through her job such as accounting, marketing research, and digital assessment platforms.

Prior to working at HumanPoint, Kate worked on local political campaigns and in customer service. She has experience in Qualtrics, survey design, grant writing, and research. As a self-proclaimed history buff, Kate enjoys applying her broad research skills to all the work she does and approaches each obstacle like a puzzle to be solved.

Kate recently graduated cum laude from Western Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Sociology. She is currently in the process of studying for the LSAT and hopes to attend law school starting in the fall of 2020. When she’s not working or studying logic games, Kate enjoys spending time with her pet cat, Pippin, reading as many books as she can, and getting outside to hike or hit the slopes.


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