executive coach

Kim Axelrod has spent over a decade helping individuals and organizations productively manage conflict and change. She has worked with clients including Fortune 100 companies, non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, and school districts. Through her coaching career and previous roles, Kim has extensive experience helping people and groups in challenging situations find clarity and, ultimately, opportunities for growth.

Kim has developed and delivered programs to coach clients at various management levels on topics such as conflict resolution, communication skills, and leadership. Her prior roles include working as an ombudsman at Volunteers of America, program design and development consulting with companies including Microsoft and Sharp, and a decade of experience in management at Hewlett-Packard.

Kim helps team members work through their preconceived assumptions to find common ground and develop a shared mission. She believes that most people have the answers they need within themselves, and that it’s her role to ask the questions that help her clients get past their sticking points. Kim’s coaching helps HumanPoint clients increase productivity, enhance workplace satisfaction, and build the trust a team needs to thrive.

Kim has a BS in Operations Management from Arizona State University and an MBA from Santa Clara University, and is a certified mediator. She was a Founding Trustee and President of the Lake Washington Schools Foundation, and she has served on the boards of ParentNet and the Children’s Response Center. Kim and her husband of 34 years enjoy golfing, traveling the world, and spending quality time with their three adult daughters.


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