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Kim Obbink is an executive coach with 25 years of experience building businesses into great successes. Kim is intimately familiar with the challenges faced by her clients, from the small day-to-day challenges to the obstacles of uniting a company under an overarching goal, and motivates her clients to overcome these challenges to become strong leaders.

Kim began work as an Art Director for Microsoft before branching out and developing her own multi-million-dollar, award-winning digital marketing and design agency that was ultimately acquired by a large consulting firm. From there she joined Filter Digital, first as Executive Creative Director, then Vice President, and finally CEO. Since retiring her position as CEO, she realizes the value of having a mentor who can balance being empathetic without shying away from being brutally honest when necessary.

Kim sets out to be that motivating force for other people, integrating her background and searching for creative solutions to everyday problems. She is passionate about helping her clients develop a strong belief system and applying those values to everyday activities. She helps clients believe anything is possible, while being a grounding force to ensure that those dreams can become reality. By teaching her clients how to stay accountable to these values and dreams, Kim helps them become confident and innovative leaders, while increasing team cohesion, motivation and satisfaction.

Kim holds a BA in communications design from California State University, San Bernardino, and a BFA in graphics and packaging design from The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. She was a recipient of the Puget Sound’s 40 Under 40 Award and is writing a series of humorous leadership books with Mary Marshall, the first already published and entitled “How NOT to be a Leader.” Kim lives on Lummi Island with her husband where they both enjoy painting and drawing. Kim enjoys botanical illustration and her husband is an accomplished maritime and landscape artist. Creativity is at her core in both life and business, and she enjoys bringing out the creativity in her clients and their businesses.


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