Never lose your audience again.

This 1.5-day coaching course is specifically designed to help technical leaders develop a process for presentation preparation and delivery, resulting in presenting highly complex information in an engaging way.

Here are just a few skills we cover that will help reduce anxiety and make your presentations come alive:

  • Elements of delivery, including body language, tone, and visual aids

  • Persuading your audience to action

  • Effectively managing Q & A sessions

See what past participants are saying

[I] have a lot of anxiety about my presentations, especially when it is a large or an important group I’m presenting to. I lose sleep over it. But I’ve learned from you that it’s not about ME, it’s about the audience. That alone takes some of the weight off. Learning more of these coping mechanisms would be valuable for me.

It helped me focus more on the audience than myself, and built confidence in my speaking abilities.

Your class was like a gift to me. I am eager to apply what I have learned from you. Thank you for everything you do to help introverts like me blossom.

Thank you so much for this course, I have already shared and applied what I have learned with others. In addition to help designing technical presentations, I have applied the concepts to improve my communication strategies across various areas of my life including nonprofit volunteer work, social networking, and mentoring.

You really boosted my confidence by sharing your framework that will give me greater control of how I structure my presentations. I wish I had known Amy twenty years ago!!

The quick pivot from learning a skill to application helped drive home the concept through an experience with feedback.

Our 2021 Course Dates are Coming Soon!

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