Measure and understand your people.

Leadership Assessments: Measuring What Matters Most

Do you want to provide valuable feedback to your leaders on how they are showing up as leaders today, to help them ascend in the future?

Thriving as a leader requires a high degree of self-awareness, continuous feedback, learning and adjustments along the way. At HumanPoint we combine custom leadership 360 degree feedback with coaching in order to give leaders detailed feedback they can apply right away to achieve better relationships and results.

Employee Assessments: Eliminate the Guessing Game

Our coaches are certified in multiple assessments including DiSC, ProfileXT, and more. If you are looking to implement assessments for hiring, teambuilding, leadership coaching and development, we have you covered.

Engagement Surveys

HumanPoint’s team can help you design and deploy a custom Employee Engagement survey that measures what matters most. Empower your managers with insights on how to improve the employee experience so they can focus and prioritize their efforts. This will build a strong engagement culture which will improve your customer experience and profitability.

If you're not used to remote learning that's ok, we are experts.

All of our services can be offered in person or virtually.