Be Vulnerable

by | Mar 11, 2021 | Leadership, Mindset

Be vulnerable. 

Human beings connect to one another by sharing emotions without knowing how others will respond. Some view this vulnerability as weakness, while a leader uses it as a tool to connect with and motivate their colleagues.

Share Your Mistakes

Authentic leaders share their mistakes and failures as learning opportunities. This can mean asking for help when needed or taking responsibility when a project goes wrong. The vulnerable leader admits imperfection, shows forgiveness to themself (and others), and allows for correction moving forward. This facilitates learning and reinforces the idea that errors are developmental.

Foster an environment where it is safe for team members to share their mistakes. When it’s safe to fail, individuals take bigger risks and have the confidence to develop their skills. Demanding perfection causes fear and doubt, impacting your organization’s culture. Instead, effective leaders embrace mistakes as opportunities for innovation and team development.

Encourage Learning

Vulnerability is the first step in analyzing and improving performance. After a mistake is made, brainstorm what actions should be taken to rectify the situation. A vulnerable leader will manage error instead of avoiding it, empowering their team to continue to take risks and innovate.

Vulnerability is a tool effective leaders can use to connect with, inspire, and educate their team members. Sharing imperfections creates a culture of honesty, resilience, and innovation.

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