Coaching Programs

Expert content to develop your people.

Leadership Program

Are you looking to develop your leadership team? Does your company want to create a culture of transparency and trust from the top down? Are you looking to encourage self-awareness and leadership skill development in your leaders? Do you want to successfully develop leaders to develop others? This is the program for you.

The Intrepid Women’s Leadership Program

Are you looking to increase retention for women in senior positions? Does your company value an environment of inclusion? Are you looking to create a community among senior women? Do you want an attraction tool for top female talent? The Intrepid Women’s Leadership Program is designed for you.

Leading Change

Is your organization embarking on a major transformation? Do you need to prepare your leaders to understand the human side of change management? Are you concerned about protecting your company’s culture, values, and people through a major change process? Are you looking to engage your managers with more responsibility for bringing their people along through a change? We can help you successfully navigate organizational change.

Coaching Skills for Leaders

Are you looking to maximize the effectiveness of your Annual Performance Review (APR) process? Does your organization want to create an environment of ongoing people development and growth? Are you looking to maximize your investment in people development by engaging managers more in the process? Do you want to equip your leaders to develop their teams, now and in the future? This is the program for you.

Unleash: A Leadership Program for Millennials

Are you looking to develop the next generation of leaders? Do you want to attract top millennial talent? Are you looking to strengthen community and culture across your organization? Do you want to create a clear path for advancement in your organization? Join us for Unleash, a program for millennials.

DiSC Workshop: Working better together

HumanPoint delivers highly engaging seminars for diverse teams using the DiSC as a way to help us work better together.

If you're not used to remote learning that's ok, we are experts.

All of our services can be offered in person or virtually.