The Intrepid Women’s Leadership Program

Do you value having an environment of inclusion in your organization? Are you looking to increase retention for women in senior positions? Are you looking to create a community among senior women? Do you want an attraction tool for top female talent?

The Intrepid Women’s Leadership Program is a coaching program for emerging women leaders. It can be a stand alone program, or incorporated into your internal women’s networking programming

  • A cohort of women are selected across the organization, and they embark together on a 12-month journey towards discovering and developing their own authentic leadership.
  • The larger cohort is assembled, and then subgroups within the larger group of 4-6 women are created. The small group structure provides a learning environment where deeper discussions and sharing can happen.
  • All women journey together through the program, as one cohort, so social events and additional learning experiences can be incorporated into this program to customize the learning experience.
  • Coaching is delivered in subgroups and individual sessions, alternating each month to maximize learning and application of ideas.
  • All content is delivered virtually using a video based coaching delivery platform with a live coach
  • Participants form strong relationships within their group, and these relationships forge strong bonds across teams and disciplines.


Research shows that women who are aware of their own authentic leadership, are confident communicators, and have access to mentoring will advance in their careers faster.

Outlined below are the topics for each group session. This program can be delivered in 6 months, or in 12 months if you choose to alternate the individual coaching sessions with the group sessions.

Months 1 – 2


  • Find your own leadership style
  • Uncovering and overcoming unconscious bias in your organization
Months 3 – 4


  • Handling Difficult conversations with ease
  • Constructive conflict
  • Identifying and communicating with colleagues with differing communication
Months 5 – 6


  • Finding a mentor
  • Being a mentor
  • Making the most of mentoring
  • Creating a mentoring culture within your team and organization

Program Pricing

We can work with you to customize this program to be a stand-alone program in your organization or a component of a larger strategic initiative. To provide you a cost estimate, we have outlined pricing scenarios. 

90 min Group Coaching Sessions

Price per group of 5 leaders


per month

60 min Individual Coaching Sessions

Price per person 


per hr

The total cost for 5 leaders to participate in a 6-month program is $8952. In a 12-month program with 6 individual coaching sessions per person, the total cost is $21,702.