Leadership Program

Has developing leaders in your organization been on your priority list, yet you can’t seem to get time or traction? Are you looking to prepare your leadership team for future growth, cultural empowerment, or just because it is important to you? Would you like to see your leaders doing more to develop your employees?

If you answered yes to these questions, this is your program. Click on Get Started and we will contact you to set a launch date, and help you with all of the details so you can finally check this critical initiative off of your list!

What is the Leadership Program?

The Leadership Program is a 12-month leadership program that we customize and deliver for you. 

What is the format? 

Leaders are connected in learning circles, consisting of small groups of 5 leaders.  Each group of leaders is assigned an executive coach, and they begin their journey together by completing a DiSC assessment, and a customized leader 360 feedback assessment to determine who they are, and how they are showing up today.  

Learning circles meet monthly for 90-minutes in an interactive coaching session, where they discuss relevant leadership topics, reflect on the application of their learning, and current challenges they are facing. Strong relationships are formed in these coaching circles, so it is a way to break down silos that exist in your organization or connect geographically dispersed leaders and teams, which facilitates knowledge sharing and collaboration.  

In addition to the small group sessions, leaders meet with their executive coach 1:1 monthly. In these sessions they unpack the results of the assessments, develop individual learning, and focus on each individuals’ personal learning goals and priorities. 

All sessions are delivered virtually through our coaching platform, which includes self-learning and reflection in between the live coaching sessions, and a portal of leadership articles, videos, and additional learning resources.  


Session 1

Authentic Leadership

Session 2

Communication Styles & Listening

Session 3

Building Trust & Influence

Session 4

Giving Feedback/Having Difficult Conversations

Session 5

Setting a Vision and Strategy for Your Team

Session 6

Strategic Thinking/Decision-Making/ Problem Solving

Session 7

Managing Change

Session 8

Building Support for Change

Session 9

Managing Conflict

Session 10

Effective Collaboration

Session 11

Mentoring and Coaching Your Team

Session 12

Delegation and Holding People Accountable

Leadership Program Pricing

We can work with you to customize this leadership program to be a stand-alone program in your organization or a component of a larger leadership development initiative.

To provide you a cost estimate, we have outlined a pricing scenario. 

The total cost for 5 leaders to participate in this 12-month Leadership Program is $47,475 or $9495 per leader, billed monthly at $3956 per month.