Leading Change Program

Are you preparing your organization for an important change, and you want your leaders to be equipped to successfully lead this change? Is your organization under constant change due to growth and expansion? Do you want to preserve culture during the change process? Do you want to successfully build support for future change? Do you need your leaders to be equipped to lead into an unknown future?

If you answered yes to these questions, this is your program. Click on Get Started and we will contact you to set up a planning session.

What is Leading Change?

Leading Change is a unique 4-session coaching program that brings leaders together in groups of up to 12 participants to quickly prepare for change happening in your organization. We use your current change scenario as the backdrop for each session, and this method combines learning and planning in a manner where leaders leave each session feeling more confident and equipped to lead.

What is the format?

  • Leaders meet as a group 4 times with a live coach, and complete self-learning modules and planning reflections in-between sessions; each session is 2-3 hours, depending on the number of participants
  • The sessions are delivered virtually with leadership teams of up to 12 leaders
  • All pre-post work is available through the learning portal to streamline the learning process
  • During the group discussions, leaders discuss the content framed around the actual changes they are experiencing, so it is relevant and timely with a goal of enabling them to lead the change successfully
  • Licensing is available if leaders want to take the Leading Change program down into their teams to further the learning


Sessions can be delivered monthly over 4 months, or bi-monthly over 2 months if there is a need for a more accelerated timeline.

Session 1

Preparing for Change

Session 2

Leading Change

Session 3

Building Support for Change

Session 4

Implementing Change

Leading Change Program Pricing

The total cost for up to 12 leaders to participate in this program is $16,000.