Did your business growth plans explode on March 1st?

Are you are feeling lost or disoriented about the plans that you launched pre-Covid?

These feelings are understandable.  You spent months as a team researching, discussing, and drafting your plan. You communicated your vision to your organization.  You prioritized and assigned your strategies, and were in full stride when the world shifted.

To survive the coming months, leaders must operate in both defensive and offensive modes.  Operating fully in defensive mode means only handling the daily crisis as it comes and not focusing on planning for the future or taking advantage of new opportunities.  The first step to shift to offensive mode is to accept the fact that the past is no longer, and the plan you wrote pre-Covid is dead.

Looking ahead to the future, there is good news.  Our growth plans are still alive, we just need to reset and re-frame to a revised vision and timeline.

We need to design agility into our strategy so we can shift quickly in response to external changes and threats.  Shape-shifting architecture describes buildings that were built with the ability to move and change form. This is how we need to think of designing our strategic plans.

Our ability to move or change forms quickly is critical, and a leader’s ability to manage the short-term and long-term together is essential. 

If you want inspiration and insight on tackling the offensive, grab a cup of coffee and take a coffee break with Executive Coaches, Amy Hedin and Mary Marshall.