Group Coaching

Building Strong Leaders for the Future.

HumanPoint’s group coaching offers an interactive, synergistic coaching model that develops resilient, high performing leaders through consistent, customized micro-topics, combined with small group discussion and accountability. Group coaching can exist as a stand-alone program or be integrated into other programming or learning structures.

Use Cases for Group Coaching

  • Developing a higher trust and performance culture

  • Strengthening peer relationships across departments and geographies; encouraging collaboration and sharing lessons learned

  • Scaling leaders to effectively handle change and fast company growth

  • Recognizing and preparing high potentials for future management roles

  • Helping women achieve their ambitions at work

  • Creating more resilient workforces

How it Works

  • Leaders are assigned to a coaching group with 3-5 people, based on similar level and experience.
  • Sessions are 1.5 hours and are delivered virtually, monthly. A topics menu and corresponding content is created that targets learning goals.
  • Learning is comprised of live group coaching sessions with the team and a coach, and self-learning content including articles, videos, and self-reflection.
  • Each member creates goals and shares progress updates with their coaching cohort.
  • This program is completely virtual and can reach leaders globally, bringing teams together in an engaging and enjoyable experience. 


  • Preparing leaders for fast growth and larger teams
  • Preparing high potentials for future management roles
  • Strengthening peer relationships
  • Preparing organization for future succession

Program Features

  • Customized coaching topics relevant to the company’s unique culture and the leadership team’s dynamics.
  • Live coaching sessions are lead by highly qualified executive coaches with over 10 years of executive coaching experience combined with a history in executive leadership.
  • Accountability to set and achieve personal and team action-oriented goals.
  • Content completely customized for the appropriate level of experience: non-manager, mid-level manager, senior level, and executive level.

Group Coaching Sessions

Price Per Group

Up to 5 per group


The cost for a 6-month program for one group of 5 leaders is $8952.

Popular Group Coaching Topics

Building Relationships

  • Building Trust
  • Identifying Employee Work Styles

Delivering Results

  • Holding People Accountable
  • Effective Delegation

Effective Teams

  • Building Collaboration
  • Resolving Conflict

Developing People

  • Conducting Effective 1:1’s
  • Coaching Skills

Change Management

  • Adapting to Change
  • Implementing Change

Strategic Leadership

  • Developing a Strategic Plan
  • Managing Priorities