Earn Their Trust

by | Mar 25, 2021 | Leadership

Earn their trust. 

Successful leaders invest time and effort in earning trust. When your team trusts you, they’ll put in more effort, collaborate and perform better. In short, they’ll be more invested in your company values and objectives.

Trust must be earned. To develop trust, start by building rapport with your team members. Get to know them, their interests, and what’s going on in their lives. But don’t stop there, they must also get to know you. Show your vulnerabilities, admit to your mistakes and be authentic with your team.

Invest Your Time

You’ll encounter people who are incredibly skeptical and will not trust you easily. Don’t give up. Sticking to your values and making sound logical business decisions will earn their confidence in your leadership. Have patience and keep investing.

Remain Consistent

Trust can be lost in an instant. A harsh word, a broken promise, or an inconsistency with your values can sever the trust you worked hard to build. Rebuilding broken trust is much more difficult and some cannot be won over at all after a loss in confidence. Even the best of cultures can break down and enter a downward spiral once employees no longer trust their leader; so be consistent and quickly admit to your mistakes.

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