Executive Coaching for Senior Leaders

Are you driven to transform the lives of the people you lead? Do you want to make the impossible your next reality? Do you want to accelerate growth in your organization by unlocking human potential? Do you want to transcend the results you have achieved in the past by gaining more traction within your executive team?

Executive coaching accelerates your goal achievement and personal growth by providing unbiased feedback and strategic advice in a safe environment. You will confidentially share your greatest struggles with your coach, achieving clarity while eliminating blind spots and counter-productive behaviors that hold you back.

As a seasoned executive navigating growth and change, or a new executive transitioning into a higher role, our executive coaching is designed to be relevant and applicable real-time.

If you are looking for a coach for yourself, or for your team, click Get Started and we will schedule a complimentary introductory session.

How the HumanPoint Executive Coaching process works

Every leader is unique, so our process for executive coaching is tailored to each leader.  The sessions are interactive, discussion based, and relevant because the executive coaches have tremendous experience, so they are able to discuss many topics, and have experience with many challenges faced by senior leaders.  The sessions are not scripted, they unfold through discussion around the most important things the leader wants to focus on. 

HumanPoint has created an Executive Leadership 360 Assessment that provides an executive leader insight on their leadership, how they are showing up to others, that is a great way to accelerate the executive coaching process. 

Executive Leaders leave our individual coaching sessions saying:

  • They feel refreshed and refocused, and have a plan and a path for overcoming burnout and exhaustion
  • They have more clarity on critical decisions
  • They feel more self-aware and have prioritized their focus on their most critical growth area
  • They feel a stronger connection to their purpose as a leader, connection to the mission of the organization, and a desire to create the culture that reflects both authentically
  • They sense a stronger alignment between strategy and execution
  • They feel more prepared to have the difficult conversations
  • They feel like they are tapping into more potential with their executive team and creating higher levels of performance on the team by leveraging the strengths of each team member
  • They are refocused on how to maintain a positive outlook, and to inspire their teams to achieve more


A typical executive coaching engagement lasts 6-12 months, where leaders meet with their coach 2-3 hours per month.  

Executive Coaching plans for individual senior leaders typically average at around $1500 per month. Discounts are available for teams of leaders and for non-profit organizations.