Strategic Planning: Reset. Realign. Move Forward.

Strategic planning helps employees within an organization identify the company’s primary objectives for the coming year.

By creating a clear strategic plan, not only are organizational goals more likely to be achieved, but employees will also be more motivated to contribute to these goals.

Is your executive team aligned on a vision and strategic goals for your organization? Has there been a recent organizational shift, and now it’s time to reset and realign? Without alignment, management feels like a grind.

Strategic Planning

We work with leaders to analyze what’s working in the organization and what their greatest challenges are, paving the way to clear, strategic goals to guide the next 1-3 years. A good strategic plan helps employees to see why their work matters, increasing motivation and promoting organizational effectiveness.

3 Phases of Work


Data collection, review of historical documents, and working session with HumanPoint to confirm scope, schedule, and activities. HumanPoint facilitates stakeholder surveys and focus groups to gather input needed to inform the planning process.


HumanPoint assembles a planning comittee within leadership to define a vision, mission, and values to align to.


HumanPoint transitions into a support role, allowing leadership to to work on communication and implementation.

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