Give More, Receive More

by | Mar 23, 2021 | Leadership

Give more, receive more. 

In today’s competitive workforce, it’s common to have an all-for-one mentality and be quick to take rather than give. But did you know giving more can actually lead to a more fulfilling and successful career?

Giving Increases Happiness

A 2008 study* found those who spent $5 on someone else, rather than taking $20 for themselves had a larger boost in happiness. The same principle can be applied to the workplace. When we choose to give and invest in others it increases both their happiness and our own. Giving will also set you apart as a leader, as unsurprisingly, the vast majority of participants opted to take the $20.

*Dunn et al., 2008

Stand Out by Giving

Leaders who give more tend to perform better and be both confident and highly productive. They have better interactions with team members and generosity with time, knowledge, skills and ideas creates a better trained, more innovative team.

Giving creates a psychologically safe environment and encourages innovation and collaboration. Your generosity inspires the rest of your team to do the same, creating a culture that celebrates both individual and shared success. Even if it doesn’t come naturally to you, or it’s easier to simply do it yourself, taking the time to train and develop others will reap a multitude of benefits for your team.

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