High Achieving Leaders Put People First

by | May 20, 2021 | Leadership

In the past, traditional high achieving leaders were all-business-no-nonsense. Motivation came from numbers, results, and power. Now we are in a people era where development opportunities are expected and welcomed. Adapt to the new business climate and take on a more complex and challenging leadership style. Eliminate the notion that people are disposable or a means to an end. People are now top priority.

Lead People Not Numbers

People Leadership is about leading people. It’s tempting to put your energy into achieving great numbers and stats. This equals money for you and the company, right? The truth is, the numbers will follow if your entire team is well motivated.

What is more effective? Pushing your one go-getter to work really hard and outshine everyone (before burning out) OR a cohesive, integrated team. When you put people first, it may take longer to see high numbers from them. However, after a short time numerous team members will perform at a high caliber. Beyond individual performance, they will be equipped to support each other and leverage one another’s strengths. This method can result in exponential growth for a business.

People build companies; so companies must build people to scale their business. A leader’s job is to connect human beings and their purpose to their work. Build an enjoyable experience in the workplace – one of collaboration, motivation, and growth. Overall performance will skyrocket when employees feel they are a priority.

[Leaders consider others in their decisions and interactions]

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