Remember your values. 

Reflection is a key tool in being an effective and authentic leader. Self-reflection allows you to pinpoint what drives you to be productive and happy in your professional life. When you look inward, ask yourself this: what are my core values? When you lead centered by what you value you can be unstoppable.

Act Within Your Values

An authentic leader has a strong foundation of personal and professional values. An aligned culture comes from clearly defined values. Establishing your core values and leading by example will make this focus clear to others in your organization. This alignment is crucial in order to truly lead authentically.

Acting within your values helps eliminate confusion and promotes your team’s confidence in you as a leader. If “Respect” is one of your core professional values, respect must be exemplified by you, as the leader, in order for others to follow. If you were to do the opposite, belittle and embarrass your team, it would diminish their respect for you. That breaks down cultural alignment causing friction and uncertainty. If you act in contradiction to your values a toxic work environment can manifest.

Promote a Strong “Values” Culture

A truly authentic leader will promote values and live their life in accordance with the values. Doing so allows a strong “values” culture to emerge in their organization. Team members are encouraged to take their own values into consideration, live in accordance with these values, and begin a cycle of authenticity and inclusivity within your team.

When reflecting internally and distinguishing how to lead your team, remember your values. Act in accordance with these values, and encourage others to do the same.