An employee engagement survey is a great way to gather feedback. Iit sends the message that feedback and continuous improvement are important in your organization. Survey results will give you the valuable insight you need to improve leadership across departments and teams. 

I remember delivering an engagement survey where the overall morale score within the organization was 72% but the individual morale score in one department was only 38%. This indicated an issue inside that department which may have been hidden. The following year, this department’s score jumped to 78%, which was higher than the company average! 

What made the difference?  

According to the HR VP, the impressive gains were directly attributed to coaching and mentoring. The department leader was a new manager who hadn’t developed strong leadership and management skills at the time of the first survey. However, after monthly coaching this manager made a complete turnaround based on the feedback and goal setting discussed during coaching. 

Surveys like these are powerful tools to help you better lead and develop people inside your organization. How might you use an employee engagement survey to improve your results?