Executive 360 Assessment

High performing executives are able to lead strategically, transform cultures, achieve outcomes, and engage and inspire teams of leaders. One of the challenges with becoming an executive is it becomes increasingly difficult to solicit or receive honest feedback from peers and especially from direct reports. Unless an executive has built very high levels of trust and has developed the habit of asking for feedback regularly, they can become more and more unaware over time of their performance and how others are experiencing their leadership.

For this reason, HumanPoint created a proprietary 360 Assessment, designed specifically for executive leaders. The Executive 360 Assessment is targeted at measuring critical areas of executive leadership, such as strategy, leading change, self-awareness, and transforming culture, in order provide the most focused feedback. This executive leader can then take this feedback and make immediate adjustments, and work with their coach on any areas that require more reflection or skill development.

HumanPoint’s Executive 360 Assessment Process

Feedback Team Selections

The executive leader identifies their feedback team, and they are sent a link to complete the feedback in a manner that captures their feedback while protecting their anonymity. HumanPoint executive coaches are available to conduct interviews with key feedback team members if the executive wishes to gather more examples or details in
their evaluation process.

Report Delivery

Once the feedback is collected, a report is generated, and a HumanPoint executive coach delivers the results to the executive since in order to maintain the highest degree of confidentiality. The coach works collaboratively with the executive to unpack the feedback, and to process it so it can be accepted as valid by the executive.

Growth Plan Developed

A learning plan is created as the outcome of the discussion between the executive coach and the leader. This plan describes growth goals and identifies any areas the leader can take immediate action on to improve outcomes.


The cost per executive to complete the Executive 360 Assessment online survey, with a debrief of results is $995 per leader. The cost per executive when 3 interviews are added is $3300 per leader.