DiSC Workshops and Assessments

Working Better Together

We help teams work better together by harnessing the insights of the Everything DiSC assessment. No boring cookie cutter lectures here! Through our engaging, highly participative, and tailored workshops, your team will:

  • Crack the code on their own communication style: Discover strengths, preferences, and potential blind spots.
  • Unlock the hidden language of others: Learn to recognize and adapt to different communication styles.
  • Walk away with a toolbox of actionable tips: Navigate difficult conversations, build trust, and resolve conflicts constructively.

We go beyond self-discovery: It’s not just about labels, it’s about actionable strategies for bridging communication gaps.

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Full Solution Suite

HumanPoint offers five DiSC workshops that can be delivered virtually or in-person:

  • An Introduction to DiSC: Working Better Together
  • Conflict Management: Reframing and Responding to Conflict
  • Developing Team Norms
  • Leading and Managing Effectively by Acknowledging Workstyle Differences
  • Communicating Our Differences

Embedding DiSC into Your Culture

While “one and done” training can make an impact, true change comes from sustained solutions. If you want to design and develop creative solutions to impart lasting cultural change, we can help. We love partnering with our clients to customize solutions for lasting support.

We love partnering with Wiley because they have proven that they are committed to helping leaders harness actionable insights by providing dynamic tools that can be leveraged long after the DiSC workshop or engagement. We are pleased to offer our DiSC clients access to the Wiley Everything DiSC Catalyst tool as a valuable resource.

We deliver real results: Walk away with practical tools and techniques that make a difference in your daily interactions.

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Are You Looking to Deliver DiSC Assessments and Workshops Internally in your Organization?

  • If you are more of a do-it-yourself type organization and would rather handle the DiSC administration and workshop delivery independently, we can help you get started. Our team will set you up with your own DiSC administration portal and train an internal team of people to administer the DiSC assessments, build team views, and access the Catalyst platform with coaching tools.
  • Next, we can help you deliver workshops or help provide direction and guidance on how to self-perform your own workshop delivery by purchasing a licensed workshop kit from Wiley.
  • Applying our values of Partnerships, we will approach our work collaboratively, providing support where we are most needed while empowering your team to be self-sufficient.
  • Equip your teams with a Group Map showing style insights for each member, and group insights for the team.

Why HumanPoint?

We are all in on helping your team and organization work better together. As a trusted leadership development firm, we understand the importance of strong communication, collaboration, and shared understanding. We will partner closely with you to ensure that your custom workshop experience meets your needs and objectives.

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Assessment Pricing


per person taking “Catalyst: Everything DiSC” Assessment

Virtual Workshop Delivery


per 2-3 hour workshop teams of up to 30 people

In-Person Workshop Delivery


per 2-3 hour workshop teams of up to 30 people

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