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Unhealthy Behavior Patterns in Leaders Lacking Self-Awareness

A lack of self-awareness manifests in personal and interpersonal issues. Leaders deficient in self-awareness will struggle to show up as authentic, empathetic human leaders. Here are some unhealthy behavior patterns we often see in leaders lacking self-awareness: Denial and defensiveness. Uninformed leaders deny or avoid acknowledging flaws and weaknesses. They become defensive when others provide feedback. Lack of emotional regulation. These leaders struggle to recognize and manage their emotional reactions and impulses. They may lash out, shut down, or act on emotions without awareness. Blaming and arrogance. Rather than looking inward, self-unaware leaders frequently blame others or external factors. They exhibit an overconfident, arrogant demeanor that turns people off. Never self-reflecting. Little time is spent in self-analysis, introspection, or examining their thoughts, feelings, and motivations. This causes an inability to see their own blindspots. Disregarding other perspectives. Self-absorbed leaders disregard how their words and actions impact those around them....

June 19, 2024|Leadership|
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