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Since 2007, we’ve been your partners for creating leadership programs that genuinely move the needle. At HumanPoint, we craft engaging, impactful experiences precisely tailored to your company’s challenges and culture. It’s a personalized approach that ensures your leaders have the mindset and skills to drive real business results.

Leadership Development Designed Just for You

What makes us different? We’re continuous learners, diving deep to understand your unique world and objectives. That way, every workshop, activity, and project speaks directly to the situations your leaders face daily. No fluff or boilerplate – just highly relevant, actionable content. Share some of your goals with our team today. We’ll listen intently and partner on transformative leadership learning customized just for you.

The D I S C personality type wheel

DiSC Workshops

Ready to take your team’s collaboration up a notch? Say goodbye to those dull, one-size-fits-all training snoozers! With our Everything DiSC workshops, you’ll unlock a whole new level of teamwork through powerful insights tailored just for you.

We’re talking an energetic, hands-on experience where your crew will:

  • Get dialed into their unique communication preferences.
  • Master the language of styles and finally understand what makes teammates tick. It’s like getting a secret decoder ring for co-worker relations.
  • Leave with a toolbelt full of practical tips for navigating those prickly situations. Resolving conflicts? Building trust? Handling tough conversations? You’ll be a pro.

Our workshops are the opposite of dreary, droning lectures. They’re engaging, interactive sessions designed to have your team connecting in a whole new way. It’s all about creating those “a-ha!” moments that inspire immediate behavior shifts. Seriously, why keep struggling with misunderstandings and tension? Uplevel your teamwork and get ready to sync up today!

CliftonStrengths Workshops and Assessments

Success follows teams that leverage their strengths. When individuals know and consistently apply what they naturally do best, they achieve desired results with confidence and clarity. More than that, they understand how to leverage the talents of their teammates for maximum impact. Strengths open the pathway to peak performance across individuals, teams, and the entire organization. By optimizing roles around innate abilities, work feels effortless yet yields extraordinarily high outputs. This is the alchemy of strengths – fueling achievement, engagement, and growth by unlocking human potential.

With the CliftonStrengths assessment, you gain unparalleled insights into what inspires and empowers each of your team members at their core. This self-awareness sparks rich conversations and deeper connections as people learn to appreciate one another’s unique talents.

Take the first step toward unlocking your team’s strengths, contact us to get started.

Three example pages from the Clifton Strengths test
Five smiling people sit in a circle as one man gestures with his hands and a woman with a folder in her hand laughs

Psychological Safety Workshop

True innovation ignites when teams operate in an environment of psychological safety. In these safe spaces, people feel empowered to speak up, ask questions, and share candid perspectives without fear of judgment or repercussions. Openness and healthy risk-taking become the norm, unlocking the highest levels of creativity, engagement, and employee retention. Cultivating this foundation of trust and care isn’t just a cultural nicety – it’s a competitive strategic imperative.

HumanPoint’s psychological safety workshops provide the insights and skills to foster these high-performing team dynamics. Through highly interactive sessions, managers and employees learn their vital roles in establishing and maintaining an inclusive culture of mutual respect. Whether deploying across an entire organization or working with specific teams, these experiences build the muscles for open communication, vulnerability-based trust, and caring direct feedback.

Coaching Skills for Managers

Unlock your managers’ full potential as catalysts for employee growth and success. In the Coaching Skills for Managers program, your leadership team masters the art of providing impactful on-the-job coaching directly aligned with business objectives. They learn to build their employees’ capabilities through insightful feedback, empowering questions, and development plans focused on leveraging strengths. Each coaching conversation expands organizational capacity, accelerates leadership readiness, and inspires people to operate at their brilliant best. This hands-on, immediately applicable training elevates your managers from supervisors to strategic coaches skilled at developing high-performing teams. Imagine an entire workforce continually upskilling, proactively solving problems, and driving results – all propelled by transformative coaching from their respected leaders.

Take the first step towards developing a coaching culture that propels success. Contact us now to bring Coaching Skills for Managers to your organization. Your managers – and the entire company – will never be the same.

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