Leadership Development Programs

Your leaders have the passion, skills, and vision to lead at the highest level. HumanPoint provides the catalyst to accelerate their journey through our trailblazing leadership development programs, Catalyst Leaders and Intrepid Women Leaders.

Unleash Extraordinary Leadership Across Your Organization

These meticulously designed, fully customizable leadership catalysts aren’t just development programs – they’re transformation ignitors primed to unleash the exceptional leadership potential that lies within your teams.

Through immersive learning journeys precisely crafted in collaboration with HumanPoint’s L&D experts, your leaders will emerge with mastery of essential competencies. They’ll cultivate a growth mindset. They will expand their project leadership abilities to steer strategic initiatives and client projects with poise. Powerful communication and relationship-building skills to influence outcomes.

Catalyst Leaders

Catalyst Leaders unlocks the full potential of your leadership talent – accelerating their skill mastery in real-time as they navigate daily challenges. This powerful program catalyst combines cutting-edge technology, bite-sized learning, and personalized coaching in one seamless development journey.

Through the immersive Catalyst Leaders experience, your rising leaders:

  • Access dynamic learning content – microlearning and e-learning courses – anytime, anywhere via our state-of-the-art platform, AccessPoint. Knowledge is embedded through an intuitive, hybrid online/offline flow.
  • Gain priceless insights grounded in your business reality by working one-on-one with an internal coach certified in Catalyst Leaders’ structured coaching curriculum.
  • Immediately apply what they learn on the job, practicing new skills, receiving coaching feedback, and iterating in a continuous upskilling cycle.

With Catalyst Leaders, leadership development becomes integrated into the daily workflow – not another disconnected distraction. Your high-potential talent accelerates their growth in precise alignment with your organizational priorities.

Unleash leadership capability with Catalyst Leaders!

Intrepid Leaders

Aweaken your extraordinary leadership potential with Intrepid Leaders, a leadership experience for women.

Intrepid Leaders empowers rising female talent to shatter limitations and soar as authentic, resilient leaders. This transformative experience creates a supportive environment where women amplify their innate strengths and hone their leadership capabilities.

Through this immersive, women-only cohort journey, participants:

  • Build an unshakable foundation of confidence to step into their power and lead with purpose
  • Develop executive strengths like strategic decision-making, influential communication, and high-stakes negotiation mastery
  • Learn to transform challenges into opportunities through resilience, grit, and growth mindset cultivation
  • Forge a powerful network of champions – mentors, peers, and allies invested in their ascension

Intrepid Leaders fosters the courageous leadership needed to break through barriers. Graduates emerge emboldened to take on more significant challenges, elevate their impact, and support others as mentors or allies.

Don’t let your culture and growth stall – invest in women leaders now.

Diagram of Intrepid Leaders program key components.

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