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Accelerate Leadership Growth at Scale

Fast-Track Your High-Potential Leaders with Catalyst Leaders

Today’s leaders need to develop critical skills faster than ever before. But scaling leadership development across your organization is a massive challenge – until now.

Introducing Catalyst Leaders, the program catalyst that supercharges on-the-job leadership growth. Through a powerful combination of technology, bite-sized learning, and personalized coaching, Catalyst Leaders empowers your leaders to level up their skills in real-time as they navigate their daily work.

Built for Hyper-Growth

In today’s environment, hesitation is the riskiest move. With Catalyst Leaders, you’ll accelerate leadership readiness across your high-potential pipeline – keeping your rising stars engaged and your growth plans on track.

How It Works

Real-World Application

What’s learned gets instantly applied on the job. Leaders practice new skills, get feedback, and iterate in a continuous upskilling cycle.

Lighten the Training Load

Catalyst Leaders also turbocharges your L&D capacity by certifying your internal “Catalyst Coaches” as facilitators. HumanPoint’s L&D team supports the internal coaches and handles program administration to allow your busy training teams to focus on other strategic initiatives. Now, your lean team can deliver massive leadership development scale while staying hands-on.

Personalized Coaching

Your high-potential talent is matched with an internal coach certified in Catalyst Leaders structured coaching curriculum. Gain priceless insights grounded in your business reality.

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Catalyst Leaders online learning dashboard

Hybrid Learning Platform

Leaders access dynamic learning content – microlearning, courses, live workshops, and coaching sessions – through a seamless online/offline experience.

Become a leadership development catalyst, schedule a discovery session and demo to discover if Catalyst Leaders is a fit for your organizational and leadership development priorities.

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