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Unleashing the Potential of Women Leaders

Developing Women Leaders: An Organizational Imperative for Success

As the workforce and marketplace evolve, companies need gender-diverse leadership to stay competitive, cultivate all their leadership talent, and build an equitable, high-performing culture. Investing in women’s leadership development has become an imperative for long-term organizational success.

  • Women make up over half the workforce but are underrepresented in senior leadership roles, leaving a wealth of leadership potential untapped
  • Failing to develop women into leadership roles creates a bottleneck that limits the leadership pipeline
  • Building women as leaders today ensures a robust pipeline of prepared, qualified candidates for future leadership needs
  • Gender diversity in leadership correlates with increased profitability, creativity, and better decision making
  • There is often a shortage of senior-level female mentors to help shepherd emerging women leaders
A woman with shoulder length brown hair in a green top sitting in front of a laptop smiles and looks at the camera
A woman with shoulder length brown hair smiles and laughs as she looks over her shoulder

Attract and Retain Female Talent

Investing in women fuels attracting and retaining top talent.

  • Top female talent wants growth opportunities and actively seeks companies that invest in developing women leaders
  • Women are more likely to stay with companies that provide thoughtful leadership development and career pathing
  • A reputation for building women leaders allows companies to attract and retain high-potential women

Empowering Women: The Intrepid Leadership Journey

Intrepid Leaders is a Community

Intrepid Leaders forges a powerful circle of women leaders, empowering them to embark on a transformative journey together under the guidance of an executive coach. As they learn to lead with confidence and courage, they’ll discover new ways to courageously step into their full leadership potential. In this uplifting community of unstoppable women, they’ll find the motivation, skills, and support to fearlessly shatter glass ceilings. With an experienced coach lighting the way, participants get ready to unleash the leadership potential within and blaze an inspiring trail for others to follow.

Six women in business attire stand in a circle listening to one of them talk
Diagram of Intrepid Leaders program key components.

Build Your Ideal Leadership Journey

Intrepid Women’s Leadership allows you to mix and match modules to create unique, personalized development tracks tailored to your learner’s needs.

The Intrepid Leaders program takes the headache out of deployment. All learning modules come fully developed with engaging content, interactive activities, and practical application exercises.

Whether you prefer self-paced online courses, live virtual sessions, or in-person workshops, or a combination, we provide a unified experience tailored to your delivery preferences. Hit the ground running with minimal ramp-up time.

Don’t let your culture and growth stall. Invest in women leaders now.

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