Dr. Angela Griffin

Executive Coach

Dr. Angela Griffin is an inspiring, authentic visionary leader and executive coach with over 27 years of transformational leadership in the education and social services sectors. Her executive leadership experience in the non-profit space is as a Chief Executive Officer, as well as previously in the roles of Chief Program Officer and Associate Executive. Dr. Griffin has a reputation for building strong relationships and partnerships, inspiring teams to action, and crafting effective strategies to ensure children, youth, and communities equitably access all the available opportunities leading to successful life outcomes.

Dr. Griffin centers her coaching around enabling individuals to actualize their dreams and goals. She actively listens and asks questions to uncover barriers and help people think more adaptively. Through focusing on achieving ideal outcomes, Dr. Griffin has helped coach individuals, teams, and organizations at all levels to advance in their careers and goals. Throughout her career, Dr. Griffin has coached many leaders returning to the workforce to gain the skills required for their desired career path and has managed a career development program for women. Dr. Griffin is passionate about coaching individuals at all levels regardless of their age, experience, or goals.

Dr. Griffin has dedicated her life and career to advancing equity in education, the community, and in the workplace. She has worked to build trusting and nurturing reciprocal relationships with communities of color and people of color-led organizations, especially in communities across Southern California and the State of Washington. She has a passion for working with leaders of color and their organizations to enable them to be successful in, and to retain their leadership roles by identifying racial inequities. In her doctoral research, she learned that leaders of color are mostly averse to becoming executives of nonprofit organizations because of the fundraising and financial management expectations, which fueled her passion for teaching financial management and fundraising strategy to leaders in the non-profit space.

Dr. Griffin has a Doctorate in Educational Leadership (Ed.D) from Seattle University, a Master of Arts in Education from California State University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Human Services from California State University. She has served as an elected official on a school Board of Education, and currently volunteers on a variety boards and coalitions that focus on service to youth and families. Dr. Griffin is also a wife, the parent of three adult children and one teen, and the grandmother of an adorable toddler.

Skills and Expertise

  • Identifying and solving for workplace inequities
  • Promoting DEI in practice
  • Leadership development
  • Organization development
  • Board development
  • Coaching & consultation
  • Career counseling
  • Change management
  • Race equity
  • Strategic planning
  • Goal setting
  • Action planning
  • Team building
  • Group facilitation
  • Workshop/training facilitation
  • Communication skill development
  • StrengthsFinder
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Systems change