Leadership Assessments

Do you want to provide valuable feedback to your leaders on how they are showing up as leaders today, to help them ascend in the future?

Thriving as a leader requires a high degree of self-awareness, continuous feedback, learning and adjustments along the way.  At HumanPoint we combine custom leadership 360-degree feedback with coaching in order to give leaders detailed feedback they can apply right away to achieve better relationships and results.

Why HumanPoint?

HumanPoint’s skilled team in the field of industrial-organizational psychology has the expertise to help build a program unique to your wants and needs.

We can work across industry and leadership function to create a custom leadership assessment that measures what matters most to your organization and culture.

To expedite the process, we have developed leadership assessments that really focuses on the leadership attributes that are vital for most leaders in most industries.

If you are assessing an executive leader or team of senior leaders, we have developed an Executive Leader 360 Assessment that is designed around what makes a leader an Executive leader.

HumanPoint’s Leadership Assessment Process

A leadership 360 assessment process ties in well with annual formal feedback cycles, talent management, engagement surveys, succession planning, and executive development programming.

Feedback Team Selections

Leaders select feedback teams through a userfriendly software program, so they control the process of asking their peers, direct reports, and direct manager for feedback. This approach seems to create a higher level of acceptance from the leaders regarding the validity of the feedback, and a sense of ownership in the process of asking for feedback, which is a great leadership habit to create.

Report Delivery

Once the feedback is collected, a report is generated, and our preferred approach is to have the feedback delivered through a discussion with the leader, in order to help them process the feedback.

Growth Plan Developed

Once the feedback is digested and accepted, next we create a growth plan to help the leader prioritize learning goals for the year. HumanPoint coaches are available to provide this feedback, or we can provide assistance and reports to internal team members to provide this feedback, whichever
approach is preferred.