Are there really gender differences in communication?

How does communicating in a 100% virtual world impact communication?

Most of us want to make the most out of our interactions, accommodating for and embracing differences in communication styles and preferences.

Today, I take an iced tea break with  Lisa Fain, Executive Coach and Author of  Bridging Differences for Better Mentoring: Lean Forward, Learn, Leverage.

Lisa and I talk about gender differences in communication and how working virtually may influence these differences.  Reflecting on the difference between gender archetypes and gender stereotypes, Lisa provides tools and insight on how to get back on track when we feel we are not being heard, and how to make the most of communicating virtually over video conference.

If you want inspiration and insight on tackling communication in a virtual world, grab a cup of coffee and take a coffee break with Executive Coaches, Amy Hedin and Lisa Fain.