Coaching Skills for Leaders

Are you looking to maximize the effectiveness of your Annual Performance Review (APR) process? Does your organization want to create an environment of ongoing people development and growth? Are you looking to maximize your investment in people development by engaging managers more in the process? Do you want to equip your leaders to develop their teams, now and in the future?

What is the Coaching Skills for Leaders Program?

The Coaching Skills for Leaders is a six-session coaching program designed to equip leaders to maximize their team’s performance by being more engaged in coaching, feedback, and managing goal accomplishment. 

What is the format?
Leaders are connected in learning circles, consisting of small groups of 5 leaders.  Each group of leaders is assigned an executive coach, and are connected to our coaching portal, a learning platform that will provide all live coaching sessions, as well as pre- and post-learning resources.   All sessions are delivered virtually so it creates a more inclusive learning experience for teams with geographically dispersed members. 

Learning circles meet monthly or bi-monthly for 2-hours in an interactive coaching session, where they discuss the featured topic, reflect on the application of their learning, and share current challenges they are facing with managing performance on their team. Each session builds towards the next, leading towards a capstone session where the leader has defined their framework for managing performance, and has gained coaching skills to carry out daily, weekly, and monthly performance management with their teams.

Strong relationships are formed in these coaching circles, so it is a way to break down silos that exist in your organization or connect geographically dispersed leaders and teams, which facilitates knowledge sharing and collaboration.  Since all leaders are likely using the same internal tools for Performance Management, this program is a method of giving them the skills they need to give their employees the maximum benefit from these processes.  Leaders can lean on one another for support after the program ends, and as they are continuing to grow as coaching leaders.  


Session 1

Leading Authentically

  • Defining my own authentic leadership and how I will approach leading my team
  • Understanding how adults learn and how to maximize learning and development on the team on an ongoing basis 

Session 2

Coaching and Mentoring Employees

  • Understanding the different roles a leader plays with coaching, mentoring, while holding people accountable to achieving organizational goals
  • Learning how to be a more effective coach on a daily basis by giving feedback and recognizing wins

Session 3

Delivering Difficult Feedback

  • How to manage performance to get back on track with organizational goals
  • Understanding how to deliver a difficult message while preserving trust in the relationship
Session 4

Maximizing Your 1:1S and Career Conversations

  • Reflecting on your current 1:1 process, and how it ties into learning goals, and overall annual review process in order to maximize the time spent with each employee
  • Learn how to hold career conversations that inspire people to rise to a higher level in their lives and careers

Session 5

Developing a Culture of Trust on My Team

  • Learn how trust is built and ways to intentionally maintain a high level of trust on the team
  • Learn how to maximize the learning environment on the team in order to create a virtuous cycle of continuous development and growth
Session 6

Capstone Session

Integrating all learning from 5 previous sessions to define framework, process, approach for applying coaching skills as leaders

Coaching Skills for Leaders Program Pricing

Sessions can be delivered monthly over 6 months, or bi-monthly over 3 months if there is a need for a more accelerated timeline.

The total cost for one learning circle of 5 leaders to participate in this 6-session program is $14,995. To estimate the cost for larger groups, multiply this cost by the total number of groups of 5 leaders.