Executive Leaders Program

Are you interested in taking your senior executive team to a higher level of performance? Has your senior team grown or added new members so there is work to do around strategy and goal alignment, collaboration, and decision making? In an effort to develop people throughout the organization, have you neglected your most senior team members?

Executive Leaders is a strategic coaching experience, bringing senior leadership teams together monthly with an executive coach to learn, to have important discussions, and to solve the most pressing business challenges.

In addition to group sessions, leaders are free to schedule individual time with their coach to discuss their own learning priorities, feedback, and greatest challenges.   

Just as with a professional sports team, the coach becomes a partner to the CEO and their direct reports to help them navigate through complexities and to gain a competitive advantage by executing as a high performing team. Leaders describe feeling refreshed, more clear, and better aligned with their peers, after leaving their monthly sessions.  

Executive Leaders Approach and Methodology

Executive Leaders is a 12-month program that develops executive leadership teams by working through actual business challenges while discussing and reflecting on relevant research-based leadership methods and concepts.

Sessions are highly interactive, starting with a business discussion where leaders share their most pressing challenges with a focus on supporting on another and solving these challenges. If leaders are working from a current strategic plan, progress to achieving the outcomes is discussed monthly in order to help. The coach incorporates discussions on a relevant leadership topic in order to provide ideas and methods to advance the team’s performance, organizational culture and employee engagement, and to advance the team towards achieving higher outcomes for the business and organization.

Leadership Topics

Here is a list of popular leadership topics and teams decide month to month what they want to cover in the following month, based on their priorities and current challenges.

Strategy and Driving Results

  • Decision Making
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Strategic Foresight
  • Setting a Vision
  • Driving Higher Employee Engagement
  • Setting a Strategy and Prioritization

Change Management

  • Leading Change
  • Building Support for Change
  • Leading into the Unknown
  • Communicating with Clarity
  • Persuasive Communication
  • Maintaining a High Trust Culture During
  • Times of Change
  • Solving Adaptive Challenges

Performance Management

  • Creating a Culture of Trust
  • Holding Leaders and Teams Accountable
  • Leadership Philosophy and Practice
  • Goal Setting
  • Creating a Feedback Culture
  • Creating a Values Based Culture
  • Talent Management

Feedback is collected about each leader using a customized Executive 360 assessment, and this feedback gathered further informs the topics calendar. 

Leaders are free to schedule private time with their executive coach to discuss their individual feedback and learning goals throughout the process.  as well as to help each leader prioritize their focus on their own personal learning goals. 

The Executive Leaders Program integrates learning into the strategic work of the team to create a highly relevant and results oriented experience.  If you are interested in taking your senior executive team to a higher level of performance this year, click Get Started and we will schedule time with you to start planning.

Executive Leaders Program Pricing

The cost of a 12-month Executive Leaders Program ranges from $4500-$9500 per month, depending on the number of leaders and sessions.