Increase Your Self-Awareness

by | Mar 16, 2021 | Leadership

Increase your self-awareness.

Self-awareness fuels authenticity. If you come off as phony, it can be catastrophic for your culture. An effective leader understands themselves and communicates clearly, optimizing engagement and trust.

After everyday workplace occurrences, such as a meeting, presentation or interaction with a colleague consider how you were perceived. What went well? What didn’t? Did you communicate as you intended? Was it received well? Regular reflection will increase your self-awareness, even if immediate action isn’t required.

Ask for Feedback 

Direct feedback provides deeper understanding of how others perceive your actions. It’s possible, your colleagues’ perceptions of you aren’t aligned with your intentions. What you intend to be light-hearted or motivational, may be taken entirely differently by your team. When there are discrepancies, brainstorm ways to get everyone on the same page. It may take time to change your colleagues’ perceptions of you.

Facilitate Trust & Collaboration 

Increased self-awareness will help you see if there is a disconnect between your intentions and your team’s perception. Effective teams require more than compliance and agreeability under a leader perceived to be authoritarian. Strive to create a team culture of trust and collaboration with authentic leadership. Keeping everyone on the same page, ensures clear communication, innovation and high productivity.

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