What is this “mindfulness” people keep talking about? It’s the art of being present. Truly present – not letting your mind wander into the future or dwell on the past, but honing your awareness on this exact moment. 

Mindfulness means purposely bringing your attention to the here and now, without judgment. It involves acknowledging the thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations passing through you, yet not latching onto them or getting carried away. The goal isn’t to clear your mind, but to observe it with acceptance and openness. 

This present-moment awareness is a powerful tool for increasing self-awareness. When you detach from the inner chatter and anchor yourself in the now, you create space to truly experience your state of being. What am I feeling emotionally? What bodily sensations am I noticing? By gently exploring your inner landscape, you build invaluable insight into yourself. 

You can practice this self-inquiry anywhere. When meeting with someone, pause and check-in – how are you feeling? What’s going on beneath the surface? Notice any areas of tension or tightness. Scan your emotional state. This exercise allows you to process emotions in real-time and develop awareness around how certain people or situations impact you. 

Mindfulness reduces stress, sharpens focus, and provides greater perspective. But perhaps its most transformative gift is the ability to fearlessly turn inward and greet yourself with radical acceptance and compassion. That is the path to true self-awareness.