Most of my clients say working with a coach either helped them become more self-aware or validated their existing self-perception, boosting their confidence in who they really are. 

In coaching, you can ask your coach to gather targeted feedback, then process it together. They’ll help distill what’s most valuable through discussion and reflection, using that raw material to develop a coaching plan focused on your growth areas and why they matter to you. It becomes a roadmap for learning and evolving. 

Coaching also provides a safe space to reflect and practice new approaches for handling relationships, situations, or areas you’ve been avoiding or struggling with. Having a regular check-in creates structure, accountability, and dedicated support specifically for you and your goals. 

The coaching focus is on looking inward, learning about yourself, and integrating valuable outside perspectives. Coaches may use assessments to provide additional insight into your personality, strengths, interests, and more. Combine that data with feedback, and you get a comprehensive picture – of who you are according to the assessments and how that’s perceived by others based on their experiences with you. What’s working, what’s not? 

This process can catalyze transformation because you can immediately apply your strengths more intentionally and make slight adjustments where needed. It’s not uncommon for coaching clients to level up, reaching new heights by engaging in this work. 

Coaches also help dissolve false beliefs, face delusions head-on, and break free from denial or deflection about who you really are. With their skilled guidance, you build true, unshakeable self-awareness – a robust foundation for authentic growth.