Amy McKenna

HumanPoint Founder & CEO

As founder and CEO of HumanPoint since 2007, Amy McKenna has established herself as a leader in organizational development and executive coaching. With nearly two decades of experience, she has developed a visionary approach to empowering companies through culture change and enhanced people management. Amy has spent the last two decades coaching executives and leaders of software technology, engineering, construction, architecture, science, law, and non-profit organizations.

Amy designs unique programs that facilitate shifts in workplace culture while equipping managers to lead effectively. Understanding that a company’s culture drives performance, she partners with firms across industries to create regenerative learning environments conducive to developing leaders internally. Her insights help put people and purpose at the forefront — a critical orientation in today’s landscape that depends on authentic, empathetic leadership and learning at all levels.

The key practices she imparts allow organizations to become more adaptive, resilient, and effective, better positioning them to attract and retain top talent amid growth. Her communication style as advisor, coach, facilitator, and speaker reflects the insight, engagement, and genuineness that has fueled her success.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Amy actively serves her community and is passionate about expanding access to education and mentoring for disadvantaged youth. Amy currently serves as a Member of the Board of Trustee for the Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind. In 2019, Amy was selected for the Compassion 2020 Delegation as a promoter of compassionate leadership. She traveled to Dharamshala, India, with educational and community leaders from Washington state. They privately met with the Dalai Lama at his residence to discuss promoting a culture of compassion and helping others.

With Amy McKenna’s guidance, companies can transform their cultures and develop the enlightened leaders of tomorrow. Her vision charts a path toward reaching the highest human potential in business and beyond.

Amy splits her time between Seattle, Washington, and sunny California with her husband, Rob, and their three lovable dogs. An introvert at heart, she describes her perfect morning as one involving a leisurely cup of coffee and no alarm clock.

Skills and Expertise

  • Executive Leadership Program Design, Development, and Facilitation
  • Strategic Planning for Executive Leadership
  • Executive Coaching
  • Executive Retreat Design and Facilitation
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Program Design
  • Conference Speaker
  • Presentation Coaching
  • Certified CliftonStrenghts Coach
  • Certified Wiley Catalyst DiSC Assessments
  • Certified Wiley ProfileXT Assessments
  • 360 Assessments Custom Design and Delivery