Coaching Coffee Break

In our new, virtual work environment, the ability to connect with others, be empathetic, and provide transformative feedback, as well as the ability to accept feedback, will help propel us forward.

Grab a cup of coffee and join Executive Coaches Amy McKenna and Dr. Renee St. Jacques to discuss emotional intelligence in a virtual world and what managers can do to support their teams.

For many of us, we now live in a new work environment of all-virtual meetings. We’ve switched from in-person setting to remote work, and while we’ve cut out our commute time, the Zoom fatigue makes our days feel longer than ever. A one-hour video call can be as depleting as two or three hours in person.

Feeling this exhaustion is understandable. We’re dealing with a collective trauma of change and unpredictability, and it turns out, we may not be as effective of leaders as we thought we were. In the face of change, fatigue, and burnout, a point of focus should be our emotional intelligence.

Simply speaking, emotional intelligence is being able to perceive understand and manage emotions and feelings as well as judiciously and empathetically be in relationship. It is an important conversation to be having in our current situation because business success starts with the people, and emotional intelligence is required to connect with people, understand their current state of being, and help them do their best.